Our service offering is designed to be flexible and responsive to customer needs. As such, we structure our work with the client on an individual basis, so we can ensure each client is best served for their unique needs. Web application security is a complex effort, involving tools, trained teams and effective business processes. NTO has created a group of services to help enterprises achieve their business goals.

Application Architecture Assessment

This offering by NT OBJECTives is focused on designing and developing the best practices for an Enterprise Application Security program. Our deliverables provide our client with the documentation that puts their organization back in control of the overwhelming challenge that is inherent in managing application security across the lifecycle of enterprise application in a large or complex environment.

Application Security Business Process Consulting

NTO will work with you to make sure that you are using human and technological resources efficiently. We want to ensure that your policy goals are being implemented and help you to show progress towards your goals over time.

Application Source Code Review

Application Code Review services identify common programming errors that expose the application to buffer overflow attacks, input validation attacks and lapses in security logic. These services provide a very granular level of review on the actual application source code in order to ensure that best practices of secure coding are in place, thus providing the highest level of scrutiny.


For companies that cannot afford a full time head of application security, NTO offers a dedicated, part time application security expert. Your NTOCSO consultant will work with your security and development teams to ensure optimal security architectures, create and implement testing programs and remediate vulnerabilities.

Product Testing Services

NTO Product Testing Services assist vendor companies to ensure that new or enhanced technologies are delivered to market with the highest levels of security testing. Product security audits determine the relative security of hardware/appliance or software technologies, and assist in the development of best practices to apply throughout current and future product development cycles. With numerous options available, vendors may select from a multitude of product testing services from cursory security review to detailed analysis of product source code.

Web Application Security Auditing & Penetration Testing

Web application security assessments determine the application’s risk as defined by its ability to maintain the integrity of data and business processes, uninterrupted availability of service and confidentiality of customer data. NTO examines the application with an established methodology that includes manual techniques developed from significant experience in the field, custom tools to improve efficiency and accuracy of testing and open-source tools.

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NTO is committed to becoming your partner in application security- providing a complete range of services and technologies to work with you in securing your enterprise. Our solutions allow you to securely deploy web applications and web services while improving security staff productivity and reducing total cost of ownership for security solutions. Talk to our industry-leading team today to see what we can do for you.