Universal Translator: Simulated Web Application Attacks

NTOSpider, our industry-leading application security scanner, has the ability to understand the new formats, protocols and development technologies being used in today’s mobile and modern browser-based applications. Unlike other scanners that can only interpret HTML, NTOSpider’s Universal Translator has the ability to translate these more sophisticated technologies to a common schema and then launches simulated web application attacks that penetrate the back-end systems where vulnerabilities and threats exist.

Also available as a cloud-based SaaS solution, NTOSpider provides the broadest and most accurate coverage in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about our simulated web application attacks software, please call 1-877-NTO-WEBS or fill out our short contact form online to learn more about our reporting capabilities.

Simulated Web Application Attacks Software from NTO

Unique to NTOSpider and NTOSpider On-Demand, the Universal Translator is able to detect vulnerabilities and launch simulated web application attacks in the following technologies, standards and protocols:

Further capabilities of Universal Translator:

  • REST

  • HTML4

  • JSON

  • HTML5

  • AJAX

  • Google Web Toolkit

  • Flash Remoting (AMF)

  • Living in the DOM

  • True Sequence Support

  • XSRF Token Tracking

To learn more about our simulated web application attacks software, call 1-877-NTO-WEBS to speak with one of our industry experts. You can also download a free 15-day trial of NTOSpider online to see how we provide the most accurate, comprehensive coverage of today’s modern technologies.

Typical Scanner Coverage

Coverage using NTOSpider