The benefits of security testing early in the software development lifecycle are well known. Many studies have shown that software errors are easier and less expensive to correct the earlier that they are discovered and addressed. All too often, when security testing is not done during development and QA, the security teams have are left with very short window that doesn’t give them enough time to effectively manage testing and remediation.

NT OBJECTives helps organizations find security defects early in the application lifecycle during development and unit test through our integrations with Coverity and Selenium.

Integration with Selenium Enables:
  • Teams to Leverage QA Investment

  • Familiarity of Testing Protocol for QA and Development Groups

  • No Additional Work for QA Teams

The Case for Integrating Selenium and Application Security Testing

NTOSpider is the Only Solution that Executes the Selenium Script as Part of the Scan Instead of Simply Importing the Selenium Script Output

This results in several benefits:

  • Simplifies testing down to a one-step process

  • Is capable of maintaining session state

  • Is capable of executing complex sequences in order