The 7 Deadly Sins of Mobile Application Development

After spending the past year hacking mobile applications, Dan Kuykendall, searched to uncover the most common security mistakes made during mobile app development.

The findings of Dan’s research center on session management – the process of authenticating the user and ensuring an attacker isn’t impersonating a user or eavesdropping on the service. In most cases, a vulnerability in any single area isn’t a significant liability, however, the more mistakes that are made, the easier it is to attack the app.

In this presentation, Dan Kuykendall will discuss “The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Application Development”, which include:

  1. Trusting the client
  2. Not requiring encryption
  3. Allowing lifetime sessions
  4. Not keeping secrets
  5. Allowing repeat requests
  6. No curfew for requests
  7. Failing to prevent altered requests


Dan Kuykendall

NT OBJECTives, Inc.

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