Download Web Application Security Data Sheets

NTOSpider (Dynamic Analysis)

NTOSpider leverages NT OBJECTives’ industry leading application security expertise, employing a methodology developed from years of product development, security research and professional services engagements. This allows NTOSpider to assess your network with 100% automation, while truly maintaining the highest levels of accuracy of any application vulnerability scanner available.

NTOSpider On-Demand (Cloud-Based Platform)

NTOSpider On-Demand is a highly accurate and scalable SaaS solution that enables you to quickly scan your web applications without purchasing, installing and monitoring scanning software. By using NTOSpider On-Demand, you can free your security organization to focus on the things that require internal expertise and analysis.

NTOEnterprise (Enterprise Management)

NTOEnterprise provides a global view of your application security program. It gives you the data you need to assess if your application security posture is improving or not. NTOEnterprise enables you to manage an enterprise application security program. It can be delivered as software and used with NTOSpider or used via SaaS with NTOSpider On-Demand.

NTODefend (WAF/IPS Integration)

NTODefend enables security professionals to patch vulnerabilities immediately – in a matter of minutes instead of the days or weeks it can take to build a custom rule for a WAF or IPF or the time it takes to deliver a source code patch. This gives developers time to identify the root cause of the problem and fix it in the code.