Our Application Security Book Recommendations

The Anti-Hacker Toolkit

by Mike Shema, Keith Jones & Brad Johnson

Explains how to use 100 plus software tools for auditing systems on a network, auditing a network, and investigating incidents. The authors also overview some of the most common hacking programs used in attacks, and how to detect them on a system. Topics include port scanners, vulnerability scanners, password crackers, and war dialers. Among the specific products described are Netcat, Nessus, Tripwire, John the Ripper, and the Forensic Toolkit. The CD-ROM contains demonstration and open source security tools.

HackNotes: Web Security Portable Reference

by Mike Shema

As one of the most recognized application security experts in the world, Mike Shema quickly and concisely explains application security threats and countermeasures. Let researcher, consultant, trainer, and author Mike Shema show you how to guard against standard and uncommon web site penetration methodologies and eliminate susceptibility to e-commerce hacking. Plus, learn to bolster Web application security and secure vulnerable hacking function areas.

Hacking Exposed: Web Applications

by Mike Shema & Joel Scambray

Get in-depth coverage of Web application platforms and their vulnerabilities, presented the same popular format as the international bestseller, Hacking Exposed. Covering hacking scenarios across different programming languages and depicting various types of attacks and countermeasures, this book offers you up-to-date and highly valuable insight into Web application security.