Analyzing the Effectiveness of Web Application Firewalls

Many organizations are currently using web application firewalls (WAF’s) as part of their application security program to support compliance efforts and to patch security vulnerabilities that can’t yet be fixed in the source code. In this in-depth study, by Larry Suto, security consultant, tested six WAF solutions and two IPS solutions for their effectiveness at blocking application vulnerabilities and also includes helpful tips and information for buyers.

Two of the most compelling findings in the report are:
  • A properly tuned IPS can be as or more effective than WAF solutions at blocking security vulnerabilities.
  • Automatically generated filters from dynamic application security tools (DAST) can improve vulnerability blocking effectiveness by as much as 39% for a WAF and as much as 66% on an IPS.

Percentage of Vulnerabilities Blocked

Download this report now to learn more about the following:
  • Which WAF is the most effective at blocking vulnerabilities
  • Which WAF’s take the most time to configure
  • When properly tuned, an IPS can be as effective as a WAF
  • Which WAF’s have the best UI’s
  • Which WAF’s have the best support
  • Which WAF’s support custom rules

Overall Score

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