Newer NTO Magnifies Complex Application Risks

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Newer NTO Magnifies Complex Application Risks

By Rita Saxena
June 25, 2012

NT OBJECTives provider of software, SaaS and services solutions designed to help organizations build most comprehensive, efficient and accurate web application security program has announced the availability of the latest version of NTOEnterprise. NTOEnterprise 2.0 enables organizations to plan, manage, control and measure thousands of web application scans. The resultant detailed picture that the users get helps them prioritize areas of greatest risk across the enterprise.

The latest update has brought with it features such as Centralized Management Console to provide a consolidated view of web application scans. Enhanced Scan Management to improve users’ ability to initiate, schedule and configure application scans. Improved Blackout Management services giving flexibility to the users to decide when to schedule scans. New Set of Asset Tags to facilitate flexible custom reporting.

New Custom Report Generator which allows users to define filters to quickly find and analyze vulnerability information from their scans. The NTOEnterprise also introduces features such as Automatic Generation of Tickets for supported defect tracking systems such as RSA Archer, HP Quality Center and Atlassian’s JIRA. The backend infrastructure of the NTOEnterprise has also been enhanced to optimize user experience and performance.

The key benefits that you get with NTO Enterprise are Centralized control and automation of all the aspects of your enterprise web application security needs, Extensible solution capable of scanning thousands of applications at a time, Flexibility in handling applications with the help of meta-tags and customization as per the needs of the organization.

NTOEnterprise can be used as software or via SaaS through NTOSpider On-Demand.

Other softwares that NTObjective provides are NTOSpider and NTODefend. NTOSpider is a dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution available as software or SaaS. NTOSpider’s comprehensive application coverage combined with its sophisticated attack methodologies deliver the best rates in the industry for the elimination of false positive and false negative findings. NTODefend enables security professionals to patch vulnerabilities immediately giving developers time to identify the root cause of the problem and fix it in the code.

The power of NTOEnterprise as expressed in the words of Dan Kuykendall, CTO and co-founder of NT OBJECTives :
“With NTOEnterprise, security teams, developers and CSOs can quickly view and easily understand how their organization’s security is improving, or not, and more importantly, what they can do about it. They can prioritize threats and respond more rapidly to their key areas of vulnerability,”

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