NT OBJECTives Releases NTOSpider 4.0

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NTO is proud to release this major upgrade that was 18 months in the making.
Here is a list of the major enhancements:

  • PCI / HIPPA / SOX Analysis and Reporting
  • Cookie Attacking
  • HTTP Header attack
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Session logout detection and re-establishment
  • Malicious Script Analysis / External iFrame Analysis
  • Next generation FORM parameter analysis and attacking engine
  • Report scalability improvements
  • New memory management system for greater scalability
  • Enhanced solution for attacking Login Pages without losing session
  • Second Generation AJAX analysis
  • Enhanced Reflection Analysis processing for partial reflections and multi reflection points
  • Improvements in all core attacking modules (SQL, BSQL, XSS,
    CMDI) for reduced false positives, plus expanded number of attacks
  • Crawler Enhancements – better analysis of image URLs with parameters
  • Improved handling of .NET and _VIEWSTATE technologies
  • Multiple Encoding support for all attack modules
  • Ability to view raw traffic for all Vulnerability findings
  • Web Application Firewall Integration (Imperva)
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