Comprehensive, Customizable Application Security Solutions

NT OBJECTives offers an array of scalable web application security services and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. These days, finding an accurate, comprehensive web application security scanner is difficult, as many scanning solutions are only capable of scanning HTML – leaving you with less coverage and less accurate results.

However, NTO’s fully-automated NTOSpider dynamic application security scanner does what many scanning solutions do not – we interpret and attack today’s modern technologies, such as REST, AJAX, JSON and GWT, providing full coverage of your mobile and web applications, because we understand that coverage is the first step of accuracy. We also offer the same extensive scanning solution, NTOSpider On-Demand, in one convenient, easy-to-use SaaS/cloud offering – that can be leveraged without purchasing or installing scanning software.

Premier Web Application Security Services – Coverage is the First Step of Accuracy

NTO’s web application security solutions are also highly-customizable – unlike other application scanning vendors, our highly-experienced team is ready and willing to make changes to our scanner for your organization, enabling it to comprehensively scan your unique application vulnerabilities. We also offer enterprise security solutions to allow you to view your security program from a global standpoint, sharing your results with your team and setting standards across your organization, as well as automated virtual patching solutions that create customized patches to address your vulnerabilities immediately.

Have questions about our web application security services? Fill out our short contact form, request a demo of our software or try a risk-free trial download of NTOSpider to see our advanced application security solutions in action.

Web Application Security Consulting Services

In addition to providing a full suite of web application security solutions and software, we also offer a host of security consulting services to help our clients achieve their security goals. Whether you need the assistance of a personalized application security expert, product testing services or an assessment of your application architecture, NTO can help. Find out more about our web application security services by calling 1-877-NTO-WEBS or by filling out a brief contact form online.

Announcing Hackazon!

The first vulnerable web test application to enable

AJAX, mobile and Web Service testing.

Next-generation web application vulnerability scanner, NTOSpider, provides automated vulnerability assessment with unprecedented accuracy.

NTOSpider On-Demand is an application security SaaS built on NTOSpider scanning engine provides an efficient, scalable, accurate and easy scanning solution.

NTOEnterprise offers application security program management with unlimited scanning across your enterprise from a central console that’s fully scalable, with centralized reporting and trend analysis.

NTODefend enables enterprise security teams to automatically create custom rules that to train their IPS and WAF devices to be optimally effective.

NTO and Coverity have partnered to deliver the first Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solution to be built on a “developer-ready” platform.

NTOMobile On-Demand combines static analysis, NTOSpider’s dynamic analysis and expert pen testers to deliver comprehensive and effective mobile application security testing services.

What’s New

Learn the most important requirements to consider when selecting an application security assessment solution. Follow these guidelines to improve your chances of getting the most automated, accurate and easy to manage solution.
Compare two different approaches for integrating an application security solution with Selenium early in the secure development lifecycle. Learn how your scanner can piggy-back on the application knowledge built into Selenium to save you loads of time while finding security defects early.
Conducting web application security testing for complex workflows can be a real pain. In order to find vulnerabilities, valid test data must be passed through exactly as the workflow prescribes. Most web application security testing scanners aren’t up for the job, so security testers must supplement their scans with manual testing.
Viewed through the lens of the financial regulatory environment, a nation’s cybersecurity policy cannot depend on organizations to act in good faith, or for regulations to account for every cybersecurity loophole. In financial services and cybersecurity, the game changes too quickly for the rules to keep up.


  • Its “universal translator” technology enables testing of all types of exposed application backend interfaces, such as JSON, REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, GWT-RPC and AMF, which are critical for DAST testing of mobile applications.

    Neil MacDonald, Joseph Feiman, July 2, 2013Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing
  • “You guys have had – by far – the most impressive service of any company I have dealt with. Such incredible service, very remarkable, great product, impressive team”
    Security AnalystFortune 100 Company
  • “What is interesting is that training WAFs with NTODefend can dramatically increase their effectiveness and make them a far more useful part of an enterprise’s application security strategy”
    Larry SutoApplication Security Consultant
  • Best Vulnerability Detection Engine: “NTOSpider found over twice as many vulnerabilities as the average competitor having a 94% accuracy rating”

    Security Administrator